3 Rules that outstanding product managers use to succeed

Over the last several years I have teamed up with plenty of product managers in high-tech organizations. It occurred to me that all exceptional product managers share a set of qualities which I will share with you in this article.

Understand the consumer:You are delivering a product or service for a customer segment. Ensure that you are aware the requirements of this segment. What you need to be aware of are:

 a) who urges him or her to consider the product. 

b) what makes them purchase the product.

 c) their propensity to spend. d) what makes them commend the product. This will allow you produce your product requirements and validate your business case.

Be an expert: A product manager is a thought leader in product development. You set the direction for what the product delivers.

You put in priority the requirements. That is without a doubt a crucial role, it drives what others will work on. Make certain you display confidence in your judgments. 

Ensure that you can effectively motivate your decisions. Understand the best ways to broadcast the decision to your many audiences. 

Technologists usually like to be taken through the proof initially and than be presented with a decision. If they feel they need to, executives want to hear the executive summary first and dive deeper.

Be really action orientated: Your colleagues are swamped, with countless challenging projects competing for their focus. 

Things that aren't top of mind get put on the lower priorities. To make certain that the projects supporting your product keep moving forward, plan frequent (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly) business meetings to check on progression. Ensure that the status is checked in the meeting and any actions coming from the meeting are appropriately noted in the meeting, successfully circulated shortly after the meeting and verified in the subsequent meeting. Documented actions have 3 main elements: 

1) exactly what is the action 

2) who is responsible for the action 

3) when it should be completed.

Conclusion: The task of a product manager can often be challenging, but seeing your product going from an idea to something that customers really use is extremely gratifying. Through this article, I have attempted to give you a few of the tools that can help you succeed in a career in product management.