Pick Up Lines For Girls

By Richard Kolb

Do romantic pick up lines work? If there's one thing Shakespeare is famous for, it's not about how he created Romeo and Juliet but on how he romanticizes the story. Romance has always been a cornerstone of every story that has survived the test of time. But unless you're Shakespeare, using romantic pick up lines may not always work.
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The next thing you should focus on is the kind of pick up line you are using. There are literally thousands out there but very few are actually going to make a person laugh or smile. After looking through many websites I found that pick up lines that win is the best source of funny lines to use. There are 115 solid lines on this one page but the entire site is good. A link for this website is provided down below. Another good page on this site is the cheesy pick up lines page which I will also provide a link to below. These ones are also pretty funny.

People with no experience in using romantic pick up lines have a higher failure rate compared to people who understands the entire psychology of macking. Here are some romantic pick up lines commonly used by men:

Here's a tip: If you want to use lame pick up lines such as these, make sure you use it within the context of a joke. You don't advance in her direction and just blurt it out, feeling like a hero who saved the day, and wait for her to giggle like a school girl and wrap her arms around you. This is not how it works.

An example of a line I have used, and I must stress here that I was smiling and she knew what I was up to, was to say, 'If I knew you came to this club I would have come here sooner to meet you'. Now whilst corny when I was saying it she knew that I was looking for a laugh. If she had of came back with a smart reply, maybe 'well it's actually the first time I have been here', then you need a follow up line. I would use something like, 'Well it must be fate that brought me here tonight to meet you.' But remember if you are trying to be serious there is a good chance you will think you are an idiot.

So guys I would say that using pick up lines for girls are really a waste of time. Stick to something simple like introducing yourself and try to use your sense of humour instead.It is possible to actually use a cheesy line successfully to pick up girls. In this article, three cheesy pick up lines for girls will be discussed.

A well timed pick up line for girls always works, even select cheesy ones like we will discuss. The right kind of cheesy pick up line will work, but it has to be the right kind. These three pick up lines for girls are so cheesy that any one who gives them a try will be pleasantly surprised.

Many men have this fascination with using great pick up lines to hook up with women. I'm pretty sure that you've heard and used quite a few of them already. But despite being old and used, why do men still use them? Do they actually still work?Great pick up lines are quick fixes especially if you're a pro when it comes to using them. It doesn't involve too much effort and brain work. If you can get away with it, why not use it right?The problem is, not all men can get away with it. Most men think that pick up lines sound witty making them look intelligent and impressive. But women nowadays have gotten sick and tired of hearing the same lame lines over and over again. It sounds rehearsed and insincere.Even if you think that you're using great pick up lines ever concocted, we can't deny the fact that most women find them cheap and common. Sometimes, even great pick up lines create an impression that all you want to do is to get her laid and this turns women off because it makes them feel cheap and easy. The whole process of attracting or getting a woman's attention involves simple but well-planned steps.

Another way of attracting women is for you to communicate your value, confidence and authenticity. If they perceive you as someone they can rely on and someone who stands out and delivers when a situation arises, hooking up with them becomes easier. Women like the idea of being with a man they can talk to and not with a man who would just stay for a night and leave before the chicken crows. This is the kind of impression you need to communicate to them and using great pick up lines defeat the whole purpose.If you're groping as to what you have to say to a woman you just saw from across the room, just relax for a bit and spend a few minutes observing her. What is she wearing? What kind of book is she reading? Do you like the way she ties her hair? Gather information that you can use to create good conversation openers. For example:"I really like that color/dress/necklace on you. I'd love to know where you bought it because I need to pick up a birthday gift for my friend Jen. I bet she'd love something like that."

The second of the three cheesy pick up lines for girls we will discuss does not rely so much on timing than it does on confidence, because it is rather cheesy. However, once again, it is so cheesy that it is scary how successful it really is. Ready? Okay! Any location will do, but try to pick out a spot that is ideal for faking a fall, yep, a fall.

Unlike pick up lines, these openers provide a good reason as to why you're approaching her. At the same time, you affirm her good taste in fashion and intelligence, making it difficult for her to refuse to talk to you.But you don't deliver openers and follow it up with flirtatious licking of your lips or frantic flexing your muscles. It must be delivered in an offhanded manner, making it sound more sincere and natural.I am not completely discounting the capacity of pick up lines to work. What I am trying to stress is, however, is that unless you're a natural Casanova, even great pick up lines don't work in many situation situations.

Finally, the third of the three cheesy pick up lines for girls we will discuss is even cheesier than the previous two. However, it may be the most effective of the three. In this particular instance, you want to position yourself so that the girl of choice advances towards you.Having done this, you want to study her intently as she advances. When she reaches within ear shot, you gasp for air and say, "When I see you, my heart lights up like the full moon lights of the sky." Now, wait and watch as her butterflies settle.

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