Create Your Own Charm Bracelet At Home

By Paulette Short

Jewelry has been a big part of our society for thousands of years. It allows us to express our personality and in some instances denotes social status. Most individuals love wearing jewelry because it is beautiful and gives others an idea of their personality at a glance. One of the easiest ways to express your individuality with jewelry is to create your own charm bracelet. The best part is it is not as difficult as you may think.

The first part of a successful jewelry build is to have a specific plan. This plan should detail what you want to get out of the piece. Some jewelry can be fun and funky, while others are chic and classy. Once you figure out what your project is going to say, you can then begin the actual creation process.

You can make bracelets from just about anything, including recycled materials. There is a whole subculture in jewelry making that uses only recycled materials. The jewelry turns out beautiful, functional and eco-friendly. You can use metal, plastic, bone, wood and glass beads to make unique creations people will love. Expect people to ask where you got it and request that you make them one also.

If you look at existing pieces you will find that most bracelets have a base made of either some type of cord or chain. Sometimes cord is weaved and different types of beads are intermixed with the weave to create stunning pieces. Beads made from glass, plastic and wood can be used, as well as metal. The beads can be strung on or made to dangle.

Wire is one of the more popular items to use to go around the wrist for the base of the piece. Several strands can be used together in a weave or if the wire is thin enough it can be crocheted. Either way, beads can be added to make the project really stand out.

Jump rings are basically wire circles that can be opened and closed to form chains. They can be purchased in different types of metal and in different sizes. Sterling silver is by far the most popular type of metal used in home jewelry making. It is a beautiful metal and hypoallergenic for most individuals.

Bracelets can be made quickly and easily by simply opening jump rings and forming a chain. Charms made from beads or purchased commercial charms can be added. A clasp is then added to make it easily put on and removed. Additional charms are easily added with another small jump ring.

Once you give jewelry making a try you will see just how easy it is to create your own charm bracelet. You will be proud to show your creation to friends and family, who will probably ask you to make more. It is advisable to make at least two of every piece you make so one can be given or sold. A lot of novice jewelry makers have made good money creating different types of jewelry in their spare time. Handmade jewelry has an appeal to a wide audience so it also makes a great gift.

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