How To Help A Depressed Man And Keep Your Relationship Strong

By Patricia E. Beeson

Are you feeling helpless and totally overwhelmed with your life? Is getting out of bed in the morning impossible to do some days? The impact of depression can be life altering in the worse way, I know this from personal experience. Self help for depression and anxiety is available and it is very vital to your success at beating this condition. There are great books on depression, it's really about deciding what you need.
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Depression is a normal part of life. Yet, if it goes unresolved, it can have a disastrous affect on personal functioning, relationships and careers. It can result in temporary personality changes, uncharacteristic bouts of anger and moodiness, create communication problems, spur conflict, and lead to relationship problems or marital distress. Thus, depression is a condition that must be recognized and treated for men to function on their highest level.What Are The Signs? Men who are depressed may suddenly become irritable and quick to anger. Non-aggressive men may become more aggressive and hostile.Some may abuse alcohol or drugs, or turn to food for comfort, although some may eat less. It really depends on the person and his circumstances.Some men may over-exercise, while others may stop.

Moving on when you have depression or anxiety isn't so simple though, there has to be a great effort put forward to overcome this condition. Experts say that loneliness is a natural part of every day life, but for people with this condition that affects of this emotion can be detrimental. It is important to be aware what is going on with both your physical and mental health, you have no reason to feel ashamed about taking care of yourself. My advice is to explore books on depression and figure out what book will benefit you.

Symptoms of Depression.There are different signs and symptoms, and they may vary from one person to another. They include: Sadness,Frustration over trivial matters,Lack of interest in normal activities,Excessive sleeping or loss of sleep,A reduced sex drive,Drastic appetite change,Indecisiveness,Fatigue,Crying spells,Unexplained physical problems,Distractibility,Guilt,Thoughts of death.How Can Intuitive Counselling Help? Depression symptoms, unlike other diseases, do not get better over time. Your symptoms may worsen if left untreated. It may be difficult to seek treatment, but there are effective options that can help, like intuitive counselling.An intuitive counsellor will help you come to terms with your problems and understand yourself more. He or she will do this by helping you "listen" to your body, mind, emotion, and spirit. Working with these aspects will allow you to understand what is happening, what is causing the problem, and how to get rid of it.Working with a skilled intuitive counselling practitioner will help you alleviate depression symptoms and gradually bring your energy and positive outlook back.

Second, if you know someone the depressed man knows and respects, such as his father, pastor or best friend, suggest that he talk to that person. Or, you may enlist the help of a family member or close friend who has his ear.Third, try to get him to see his doctor (or yours), and encourage him to talk to his doctor about his depressed feelings (maybe he needs to go for other reasons, too). The physician can make a referral for counseling or prescribe helpful anti-depressant medication, if needed.

This is partly due to hormonal factors, especially when having premenstrual syndrome, postpartum depression, premenstrual dysphoric disorder, and perimenopausal depression. It is a serious matter and should not be taken for granted. A depressed woman will have disrupted daily activities and relationships with others, and these could be detrimental for her health. A depressed woman would show several symptoms including:

Always feeling guilty, worthless, helpless, and hopeless. Women with depression could not shake off such thoughts from their minds.Constantly criticizing herself. They always think that what they do is not enough, or that they don't do anything right.Having changes in appetite or weight. A woman with depression will either increase food consumption or will lose her appetite. She may also have significant changes in weight, at least 5% every month.

Counseling is one of the best ways to face and deal with depression. It can be just as effective as medication, if not more so. The combination of the two can be even more effective.Sometimes depression can become quite serious and lead to other mental health issues. It is best to take it seriously.Depression and Your Relationship.Without a doubt, the depression of one spouse can injure the other. And it can have a derogatory impact upon the relationship in general, giving both partners a sense of despair, and causing them to view the relationship in pessimistic terms.

Encourage her to go to a professional. Explain to her that you are noticing several attitude changes that may indicate something. You must remember, however, that in doing this, do not be pushy and demanding. Being harsh on her will only make matters worse.Next, be informed about what depression is and be patient. You'll know that depression will make a woman act a lot different from her usual self, and it is not because she wants to. You have to understand not give up on her. Even if a depressed woman would seem to not acknowledge or appreciate all your assistance and understanding, these will help her unconsciously. When you give up, this means that her social support system will slowly disintegrate.

Never isolate yourself. Isolation will not help your depression. You need to be in contact with people you trust while you are going through treatment. This will greatly enhance your chances to overcome depression.Other aspects that are vital to remember include the following:You need a balanced diet. There is a very definitive connection between depression and eating habits. The healthier you eat the cleaner your body will be and the better you will feel. This is a decision you will have to make. It takes discipline and rewards of this discipline will come back to you in multiples.If you are sleep deprived you will struggle to overcome depression symptoms. A good nights sleep goes a long way. Make sure you have a mattress that sleeps well. If you think about it, you spend a third of your life in bed (8 hours of sleep per 24 hour cycle).If you do not exercise, your body cannot produce endorphins. These endorphins help a lot to overcome depression. These 3 points mentioned here are also excellent self help for depression tips.There is a way out and you can be cured. Just make a decision that you will get out of this depression rut and it will be so.

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