How To Have An Encounter With God

By Harriett Crosby

It's easy to have an encounter with God. Anyone who sincerely seeks the creator of the universe without ulterior motives will be successful. God wants a relationship and is waiting for a surrendered heart and spirit to 'come in and sup with' such a one. Relinquishing the will and the right to sit on the throne of one's own life results in an attitude that can hear God's voice and feel His presence.

The smallness of your contribution is especially evident in hindsight, when you have received the most important thing in life - your salvation. You are now a child of God, a brother or sister of Jesus Christ, and you have access to all the power that God wants to use on your behalf. For eternity, no less. Wow.

The first thing you need to do is realize that you are created in God's image, but you are not God. You can be a sibling of Jesus, but you will never be God. You are a sinner and as such cannot be in the presence of holiness. However, a blood sacrifice can pay for your sins. You are dead in your sins, life is in the blood, so blood is required to restore you to new life. Jesus has made that sacrifice for you. Acknowledge your sin, confess that you cannot save yourself, ask His forgiveness, and turn your life over to the Lord. When God looks at you after that, He sees Jesus.

God made man to have a need to believe and to form relationships. Although people substitute almost anything for the Lord's presence, life works best when God and not man is in control. Men act because they want something in return: power, wealth, property, or other things to fill the need they feel but don't necessarily understand. God acts through love, asking only love and obedience in return. The first hours of salvation will be something you'll never forget.

The first encounter may be the sweetest and the most memorable, but it won't be the last. Jesus tells us that He will never leave us or forsake us, and that He will be present through every joy and every trial. His direction and guidance, as well as help, comfort, and healing, will make your life full of miracles and special moments that are more precious than gold.

People who know God have a testimony of answered prayer, intervention in times of stress or danger, or answers to dilemmas. The more people turn to Him and ask, the more He steps forward. He never intrudes - actually, He rarely intrudes. There's the man who, about to leave for the mission field, was telling the Lord that he had married the wrong wife when the Lord roared at him. He surrendered his right to complain, and he and his wife had a fruitful and loving partnership for decades in South American jungles.

Although the Lord will occasionally overpower His children - as the apostle John was knocked on his face by his vision of Jesus - He doesn't invade an un-surrendered life. It is possible to shut the Lord out. He promises to give even unbelievers the air, water, food, and even clothing they need, because God always hopes for a child's return. However, He'll allow a life to be lost for all eternity if that's a person's choice.

If you have not had an encounter with God, you are probably wondering what the point of life is, anyway. There is a point to our existence, and God holds the key. Think about it, look into your heart, and ask God to fill the void you find there.

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