Disaster Relief Ministry A Disaster Savior

By Eloise Hewitt

This is a ministry that helps victims in disaster stricken areas. Disaster relief ministry responds to diverse natural calamities. The body has been recognized worldly for its fast response to emergencies and willingness to help.

Catastrophes are not occasions that make people smile and quit often they result to loss of huge property and lives of people. They need different approaches since some are human initiated while others are caused by nature. Disaster relief groups have touched so many lives as they give support at the hour of need. They organize themselves well so that they work effectively. For example they have strategic safety measures that help them serve the victims well.

The institution at times responds when environmental calamities take place. These kind of crises are caused by careless human practices, industrial damage and harmful technological innovations. From past scenarios these kinds of accidents have taken place areas where extraction, manufacturing and processing are carried out.

The body offers support even after the calamity. In this way they help people through the recovery process hence heal faster emotionally psychologically and economically. This program me helps one go back to the financial position they were in before the disaster occurred. This is so because most of these relief program mes involve counseling, purchasing and rebuilding of property.

Scientist say that preventing disasters is absolutely impossible but people can adopt mitigation measures that will help reduce the probability of occurrence of a disaster. Preventing disasters can only be a reality if all individuals cooperate with the body to ensure proper precautions are observed. Putting effort to prevent a catastrophe is better than curing a disaster. It saves people economic strains, physiological and emotional pains. However, it is vital to note that one cannot predict when disasters may happen hence they can ambush people any time.

The organization encourages efforts at personal level to prevent tragedies. This helps a great deal because it has been observed that majority of the disasters are human initiated. The community should realize that the movement works for them and support in the ways they can to ensure that the environment is always safe for people to live in. Encouraging individual efforts helps a lot since humans beings are the closest people to the resources in the environment and interacting carefully with them means less occurrence calamities.

Faith based movements are always the first groups to respond to emergency. Every time a place is stricken by disaster faith groups come in to help long before the government can respond. This has made them more popular as they respond in the hour of need.

These ministries are met to help victims in time of trouble. This gives them an opportunity to interact closely with the public, build stronger relationships and spread the gospel of Christ. People are more opened when they are hurting hence faith movements take advantage of such opportunities and share the gospel. We have seen this taken place in disaster stricken areas.

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