Innovative Sew Steady Table Models

By Eloise Hewitt

Sewing, quilting and machine embroidery are all most efficiently done on a surface made to accommodate projects of various sizes. If the area is too small, there is always the risk that the fabric may be pulled and the stitching might become skewed. One solution to this issue is to utilize one of the ingenious Sew Steady table designs which can make the task much easier.

Each model is designed to fit perfectly with any model of sewing or embroidery machine to extend the area around the needle plate. The wider platform reduces a lot of the weight pulling on the fabric, keeping a greater amount of it on a level field and allowing for better stitch alignment. Most users also find that the raised surface provides better support for one's elbows and wrists.

Each platform is custom made for whatever make and model of sewing machine the client uses. The available surface area options range from 11" x 15" up to an impressive 24" x 32", with several variations in between. The legs of each item can be attached and detached within seconds, and the height is easily adjusted for personal comfort.

Each piece is constructed from clear acrylic of high quality and designed to be dependable, reliable and portable. The edges are all smoothly finished, some with beveling, to promote safety and prevent the ripping and snagging of fabric. The platforms, as well as all the accessories made for them, will easily disassemble and fit into the optional travel and storage bag when not in use or being transported.

One top best seller is the Quilter's Wish design which features a sizable working surface of 22-1/2" x 22-1/2". All the edges are smoothly finished and three of them are beveled for comfort. This model comes complete with a large, compartmentalized clear tray for storing tools and notions, a measuring grid and a kit for sewing circles and finishing holes.

The Deluxe model is another top choice as it is available in several different sizes with the largest being 24" x 24". This version also features a transparent drawer for tools of the trade. It comes with the circle and hole finishing kit as well as a special centering ruler that when attached can assist with making proper needle placement in stitching.

To enhance the sewing experience, there are quite a few optional accessories that may be purchased to go along with the platform. The Universal Grid is an insert that affixes to the underside of the products and is very useful in making quick measurements and achieving accurate angles. The Universal Sew-Straight Guide attaches with suction cups and makes stitching a consistent seam nearly effortless.

If the chosen model does not have enough storage to fit one's needs, a spinner tray can be easily affixed to all models and provide another 6" x 8" area for all those necessary pieces. A polish kit is available to help owners keep their platforms looking like new and it also gives the surface just the right slickness for smooth fabric movement. Everything is supported by a manufacturer's warranty for a full year.

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