Ways To Do Newspaper Marketing

By Eloise Hewitt

The newspaper has always helped everyone to keep themselves up to date on the happening in their city and in the world. Since news can now be delivered on televisions and in social media networks, the newspaper is almost replaced by the two in conveying news. Publishers have been having a hard time selling their papers since then.

It has been challenging for the publishers and the editors on what steps they have to do for marketing. Before making any newspaper marketing steps, one has to plan it carefully on what steps they have to take in order to market their product. Doing the proper step on marketing would help your gazette relay its news to a lot of readers.

Newsstands or kiosks would be a very useful tool in promoting your paper. Have your news stands situated on places where there is a great amount of traffic or in areas where you are sure there will be people who would pass by. Situate them in commercial places like a mall. Have a few of it set up on train stations and bus stops. Place some attractive and noticeable signs on it. If there are those which only sells your gazette, have them painted with matching colors to your newspaper. Its seller can wear shits with the logo of your paper.

You can also advise your writers and other staff to create accounts on social media networks. This will also show others what kind of writers and staff your firm have. Others are not interested only on the latest happenings as they also like to read about updates of the lives of others . You can also create an account which is exclusively for your paper where readers can post comments or ask you questions. You can use the social media to advertise your news online.

Inside your paper, there must be some section that has testimonials given by your advertisers. The testimonials should describe how the business of your advertiser has been successful since they posted an ad on your newspapers. In this way, more people would be interested on including their ad on your listing.

There are publishers who use fake names of people in the testimonies. But it would be more powerful to feature only real names and real stories of success. Do it as often times to be more persuasive to advertisers.

Having a contest is another way to do an advertisement. You may organize a contest for story writers from one time to another. Assure your readers that whoever wins will get their stories published. It is not necessary to tell them which of the winning stories you would feature that day so that they will regularly purchase to look for it and read it.

Make a request to the owners of the firms who have advertised on your papers if you may post your gazette sign around their establishment. They will possibly agree to your request. These firms paid to advertise on your papers so they would also like it if others will notice the ad they have.

A newspaper is one of the mediums that we use to keep ourselves updated. With advanced technology these days, one can easily browse the internet to read for updates. Making the appropriate steps on promoting your gazette would help you catch up with technology.

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