Workplace Giving: How It Is Relevant To Millennials

By Sebastian Troup

The reputation which the Millennial generation has is that they are people who give back to their communities not only by means of shelling out money but also by getting involved and "roughing it up". It is no surprise then why they work not just for the money. Aiming to make a difference, generation Y perseveres to get involved in meaningful work. This is realized by seeking out and getting involved in corporate workplace giving programs.

Note that generation Y number to almost 80 million Millennials who are the employees of the next generation. Come the end of the next decade it will be expected that 50% of the workforce are these people. Hence it is right that you think of ways to attract them and make them your happy and productive employees who are at the same time effective corporate philanthropists.

In order to work together with this socially-aware generation, your corporate giving program needs to:

Be Innovative: There's a reason the term "hipster" was born along with Millennials. They are cool, and they like to be a part of things that are trendy. Old tried and true corporate giving programs may be considered stale and outdated by this generation. Look outside your organization for new, creative, and fresh ideas that allow your company's goals and strategy to be achieved differently. Think out of the box to generate interest in your workplace giving campaign.

Technology-utilizing: One sure thing is that majority of the Millennials grew up with computer at home which makes them connected to and with high expectations in terms of technology. Navigating through the workplace giving technology should be easy and quick.

Providing Diversity: Choices -Millennials love them. You should be able to present diversity that is wide enough when it comes to charitable choices as well as winning causes possibly of significance to them. This generation most definitely wants to have options.

Communication-Centered: For Millennials it is important that they have access to a number of information and are able to share it. Therefore come up with workplace giving programs enabling workers to connect, suggest and impart what they can. Keep their network updated and enable them to share goals and achievements with colleagues.

Volunteerism Given Emphasis: To make a difference is another thing that entices Millennials. Given a choice between a face-to-face voluntary opportunity and giving money for a good cause, research shows this generation to opt for volunteerism. Make sure you create venue for volunteerism and to excel in as they aspire to be leaders and make a mark in the world.

By understanding how Millennials think and work, you can customize your workplace giving program to mind the generational gap and provide an interesting solution that this group of future corporate philanthropists can get behind.

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