Traveling From California To Southeast Texas With Mapsco Maps And A Sense Of Adventure

By Marci Glover

The fastest, and probably the cheapest way, to get from Chico, California, to Temple in Texas is to fly. This is not necessarily the most pleasant journey. For one thing, it takes seven hours and may include at least one, possibly, two or even more connections. Moving a family of four people, never mind the pets, will cost around $1,500 or even more. Consider making the journey by car using Mapsco Maps.

Driving from Northern California to just southwest of Dallas, Texas, takes between 27 and 28 hours, depending on the route that you take. The distance is between 1,800 and 2,000 miles. In addition to getting to see more of California and Texas than you would on an airplane, you also have the privilege of driving through the states of Arizona and New Mexico.

The southern route involves driving due south to San Diego and staying as close to the border with Mexico as the highways will allow, driving through southern Arizona and New Mexico. Proceed east from El Paso, driving across Texas on the north side of San Antonio until you get to your destination. There is another option that you may wish to consider that avoids El Paso, which is uncomfortably close to Juarez, Mexico, a city widely known for being extremely unsafe for females.

The northern approach involves veering eastward around Buttonwillow, maintaining a steady course through the northernmost third of Arizona, proceeding through Albuquercue, taking care not to emulate Bugs Bunny and making the wrong turn. Meander gently in a broad arc toward the Texas Gulf Coast. Taking a wider arc will bring you through Dallas.

The estimated driving time does not take into account stops for meals, potty breaks, staying overnight or sightseeing. The decision how many overnight stops to make will depend mostly on how many young children and/or pets will be accompanying you. Remember also to incorporate a minimum of 15-minute rest stops to get out of the car, stretch your legs, get some fresh air and make sure you stay awake. Highways can be hypnotic, especially when the sun is blaring down on the road ahead and in your eyes.

The number of days you decide to travel will also depend on how many qualified drivers are in the car with you. A lone driver will need to drive for shorter days and will therefore take more days to travel from the west coast of California to southeast Texas. Having two or more drivers means you can take the wheel in two-hour shifts.

Think also about whether you want to drive after dark or before daylight, especially if you are a lone female. If you have a problem with night vision or are unfamiliar with the roads, you might want to maximize your daylight hours on the road. On the other hand, driving at night has the advantage of being cooler, especially in the desert states.

The advantage of leaving early in the morning, while it is still dark, is when you do set up camp for the night there will be plenty of daylight left to enjoy it. Plan ahead. Drive safely. Enjoy your journey.

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