Discering The Type Of Hearing Aid To Use

By Hilda Durham

Sometimes, you cannot just bear repeating your words to someone who does not hear you at all. But you know what, instead of getting angry, it would be best if you can assist that person get some help from a otolayringologist. This way, he would be able to know his impairment and work on ways to get it solved. With that, he can get some hearing aid Port St Lucie .

This tool will help greatly in improving the capability of one person to hear. Actually, the loss of hearing is not acquired genetically but as the effect of disease, old age, medicines, and injury from noise. That is basically because the hair cells in the ears are damaged which are in charge of sensing the sounds.

Now with this mechanism, the sound vibrations are magnified as it enters the ear. With this, the surviving hair cells pick up the vibrations and convert them to neural signals which are then passed to the brain. But then the greater the damage to a persons hair cells, the more severe the impairment.

So given this, the best thing to do in order to start is to go to a physician whose field specializes on the ear, nose and throat or in other terms, a otolayringologist. He will check what caused the impairment in you. Another person who is responsible in the treatment is the audiologist. This individual is a health professional specializing in the ear, and he is the one who does the assessments.

Still another reason to see a doctor first before buying the mechanism is for in order to know the right one which suits the level of impairment. Speaking of this, there are actually three types of hearing aids. They all have unique features but then they suit every level of impairment.

Behind the ear or BTE consist of a hard plastic case which is worn behind the auditory organ and is connected to a plastic mold that fits inside the outer part of the organ. The electronic tool is held in the case behind. So the process of sound transmission starts from the mold, then to the hearing aid, and into the ear.

The second type is the ITE or the inside the ear style. Now this one is used by individuals who have a mild to severe hearing loss. Aside from that, the case that holds the electronic tool is devised from hard plastic. Some of them have extra features like that of a telecoil which are used to make the telephone conversations and special sound systems easy to hear.

And last of the styles is the ITC or the in the canal style. This one has two styles, the one which fits the whole canal and the one that is hidden inside. But then either of the two, serve to have a mild to worst impairment.

Aside from that, it also has two kinds. One is the analog and the other is the digital. The analog can be customized according to the specifications of your doctor. While the digital gives an opportunity for the audiologist to adjust the aid according to the need of the user. This tool may feel uncomfortable at first, but with frequent use, they will feel natural in the long run.

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