How To Raise A Confident Daughter

By Rhea Frazier

You are an extremely independent and self-reliant parent and have children that you would like to have these same attributes as they grow older. Learning how to raise a confident daughter in this day and age is much easier than it was in the past. Women are now considered equals to men in many areas and this definitely assists in increasing self-esteem and pride in their accomplishments.

Help her in areas where she needs assistance but always praise her accomplishments no matter how small. Don't raise your voice when she errs but calmly and gently lead her on the right path. Never make a child feel like she is deficient in any way but rather that she is capable of great things if she just sets her mind to the tasks at hand.

Give her the space to do simple or routine tasks by herself. Helping her with these jobs will make her feel like she can't handle them or make her become very dependent on you as the parent. Also, stepping back and allowing her to take on projects that she was not capable of doing in the past will give her self-esteem a real boost and give her much pride in her accomplishment. She will then have the confidence to take on even more difficult tasks.

Be very careful not to hover or smother her while your child is involved in a task or difficult project. Supply her with the time and space to work things out on her own. Do not criticize or belittle her final result. Give her that feeling that she can handle almost anything that she puts her mind to. If she does seem to need your assistance, make some suggestions or give her a few pointers that will provide her with enough knowledge to continue on her own again.

Allow her the freedom to make her own decisions. If you disagree with them, gently explain why instead of condemning her for her choices. If necessary, point out options and alternatives that she can choose from instead of making decisions for her. Even little things, like choosing the paint color in her room or selecting her very own furniture, can help her gain experience in decision making even if you don't agree with her choices.

Always set an example for your children. Carry yourself with pride and dignity. You may not feel like it on the inside but it does make you look confident and in control even when you are faking it. Your body language is a prime indicator of how you feel and your aura can be passed on to your children if you attempt to maintain it as much as you can.

The ultimate goal is self-actualization. Having faith, confidence and trust in yourself is the first step in passing this on to your children. It is a very fulfilling and long journey that never ends as they continue through all of the experiences of life.

You will be so proud of your young daughter as she grows and matures. The skills and mindset she has been taught will assist her throughout her entire adult life. The peace of mind that you will have knowing that she will be well equipped to handle all that life hands to her will be a priceless gift.

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