Tips On How To Make Homemade Essential Oils

By Ida Dorsey

Plants, bushes, and even fruit peelings contain important liquids. People have used these liquids for culinary, medicinal, and therapeutic uses. They have utilized these things even during the early civilizations. Nowadays, certain companies sell these items to the public usually at expensive prices.

It is pretty simple to make these liquids at home, which could help people save some money. They can follow these steps on how to make homemade essential oils. The three methods for this undertaking are extraction, expression, and distillation. Distillation is the most simple and effective way that persons can use.

The homeowner should be preparing all the necessary items. One is a still which is an equipment utilized for the entire distillation process. He could be buying the item from some establishments but since it could be expensive, he should be preparing his finances. He could also be making his own still and ensuring that all four components are present, which are the furnace, holding tank, condenser, and separator.

Various plants are producing various amounts of oil depending on their full developments and also their compositions. In this case, he should be gathering his raw material at the correct time. He could be finding the material in his own backyard but he should be carefully plucking it out. He could also be going to the market and buying a plant which is undamaged and healthy.

Once these ingredients are ready, these should be dried up. These items can be placed inside dark rooms or under the shades. However, these should not be dried up under the direct rays of the sun so that lots of oils will not be lost from these things. After they have been dried up, these things should not be allowed to be wet again.

After these floras have been completely dried, the pots will have to be filled with water by the homeowners. The floras should be completely submerged into the water. Some more water might have to be poured depending on the sizes of the pots and also how many numbers of floras will be put in them. The water might have to be changed for several times.

He should also be closing the lid of the pot afterwards. Plants will be producing oil at the boiling point of water that is 100 or 212 degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit, respectively. In this case, he could be waiting for a number of hours, like six or even twelve hours, in completing this process. He should be keeping on eye on the still, though, to see to it that he will not be running out of water.

Afterwards, the oils will have to be filtered by the individuals from these solutions. Cheesecloth or any other type of fabric will need to be used. The cloths should be clean and dry so that the liquids will not be contaminated by dirt where their potency could be affected.

He should be using a container in storing the liquid. The container must be made out of stainless or glass. He should be thoroughly cleaning the bottle prior to pouring the liquid into it. He should be storing the filled bottle inside a cool and also dry place. Typically, he could be keeping the liquid for about two years.

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