The Method For Finding Happiness Through Gratitude

By Janine Hughes

According to the law of attraction, if one would want to have a better life, then he would need to have positive energy that would attract more positive energy. One of the sources of positive energy would be gratitude because being grateful for everything can actually bring happiness. Now in the pursuit of finding happiness through gratitude, these tips will definitely be able to make one appreciate his life more.

Now in psychology, many studies have proven that those who were more grateful about what they have actually had higher levels of happy hormones. They were more enthusiastic, optimistic, and were just happier in general. As compared to those who were not grateful for what they had, these people were actually more pessimistic and had a higher tendency of going into depression or into anxiety attacks.

The very first thing that one should do in order to become happier through being thankful would be to never take things for granted. Now when one would be used to the everyday things around him like his food or his shelter, he would tend to take them for granted because in his mind, these things would always be there. So the first step to finding happiness would be to never take things for granted.

An exercise that a lot of people would do in order to practice being grateful would be to imagine losing something very important to him like his house or his money. After that, he can also imagine losing something that is essential for his survival like probably his legs or his eyes. From there, he will actually feel and realize just how lucky he is to still have all of those things with him.

Now another thing that he can do would be to keep a journal where he can write all of the things he is grateful. This is a great way to count blessings if one is busy all the time because it will help him have a reference so that he will never forget all he is thankful for. With this journal, he will be able to still keep his attitude and be able to be more optimistic with his life.

Now aside from attracting positive energy, one also has to start repelling the negative energy. In order to do this, he has to stop complaining and also stop gossiping about the people around him. With this, he will be free to concentrate on his own life and all of the good things.

Of course the very last thing that one has to do would be to be contented. In order to be contented, one has to first decide to live a simple life. If one keeps on wanting and wanting things, the wants will never end and one will never be able to be happy. So if one becomes more contented with what he has, then he will have no more problems.

So basically, those are some of the things that one can do in order to become happier in life. Being thankful is actually one of the recipes for happiness. So count blessings everyday and experience bliss.

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