Alternative Process For Clean Fracking Technology

By Earlene McGee

Water is one of the elements that you can find on the ground. However, this is not the only thing that you can dig up. There are also natural gases trapped inside bigger rock formations. It is essential that it should be extracted because it can be used to create electricity. The extraction part is where the problem lies before. It is hard to accomplish the extraction perfectly. Natural gases can also be burned to create electricity. According to industrialists, it is better than coal in a lot of ways. Because of the discovery of natural gases, the source for electricity has now become more diverse.

Fracking is the method that has made the entire process possible. It is easy to find it and pump it out of the formation if there is already a crack on the surface. Fracking makes use of water to make fractures on the surface. Then then, the pump will suck out the gas and oil that is located inside. There are still efforts being made to make it better and to have a clean fracking technology.

Compared to coal and other fossil fuels, natural gas releases minimal carbon dioxide. This is helpful for the environment because it does not contribute too much to the global warming unlike coal. It is also a good alternative since the plants for this is not hard and expensive to make. In short, it is more sustainable.

However, it cannot be denied that there are still risks to using it. There are is an ongoing debate on the effectiveness of the method and whether it is better or worse than burning coal. It was never been connected to environment friendly choices. Because of the liquid being utilized, a huge amount of fresh water is wasted every single day. It also creates liquid that has high toxicity content.

The greenhouse gas contribution is lesser but there is still the fact that it is still present as well. And if it is not done right, the natural gas can leak which can damage the surrounding areas and the health of the people working on it also. And because of these points, industries have to find ways to combat these arguments and make the plans feasible and more sustainable.

Other alternatives were already discovered. For instance, other companies are utilizing propane liquid that has a gelled consistency. This holds the sand and the formation better since it is stickier compared to normal liquid. Aside from that, it also eliminates the need for using fresh waters.

Brine is known to be another means to do fracking. It a substitute to the fresh liquid that is being utilized. This is when waters are recycled. The procedure is altered a bit to make sure that the recycled liquids will be effective for the method of fracturing the formation of rocks.

The chemical treatment would make liquids purer and cleaner. With this method, there is no need to tap into natural resources and just make use of the wasted and unclean once. The treatment process might be very expensive for some industries. But this will help them minimize on the cost of the natural resources they are going to use.

The machine utilized to pump and drill the well makes use of diesel. And because diesel fumes are harmful to the environment it need to be removed in the process as well. Industries are looking in to using natural gas to power the equipment.

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