The Truth Of Religion And Spirituality

By Kim Warrior

A new type of positive thinking has now been brought forth on the web, and in book form known as the "Daily Warrior." The "Daily Warrior,"provides daily information based in truth, inspiration and knowledge which has the power to change lives for the better. The online forum allows individuals to listen and read a new posting each day, 365 days per year. Whereas, if individuals would like to obtain a full copy for each year, one can easily do so through e-book, or traditional book format.

The blog is written in a method which also helps to encourage and uplift those whom may be feeling down or depressed. It is especially helpful in overcoming issues related to emotional responses whether those responses be to something on a personal or professional basis. Ultimately, the goal of the blog is to help all people live a better life, free of frustration by focusing on that which is most important.

Written in a form that whether read in the morning, evening or simply at various intervals, the information can provide a great deal of insight into troubleshooting and problem solving in every day life. The author also works to encourage and write in a way that works to help overcome the challenges and obstacles which confront or drag people down.

Kim Alfreds, the author of the Daily Blog is an interesting businessman whom like most has seen success and failure, trial and tribulation throughout the course of life. The experience, knowledge, information and wisdom brought forth on the Daily Warrior are a result of the past experience of the author for whom one success also lead to addiction and other issues.

For, after going back to school to receive a certificate in finance, the author also found connections to some unhealthy habits. After which, these inspirational messages which are part of the Daily Warrior were born. Currently, the author holds an interest in several sports, loves to sail, ski and remains quite active in all aspects of life including business.

Success and struggle often go hand in hand. For without struggle there can be no success, and yet it is success at times, like in the case of the author that can then lead one back into more severe struggles. As a result of overcoming these tougher struggles, it is hope the information will provide insight and guidance to others working through major issues.

Mr. Alfreds is highly regarded and respected by those whom read these postings, as well as those with whom the author deals on a daily basis. While the author enjoys a wide range of sports, Mr. Alfreds also wants to continue to help others look good and feel great. The ultimate goal of the author is to help others overcome blockages and challenges through new postings to Daily Warrior, along with the associated books of past years.

As the ultimate goal of the author is to help others live a more stress-free and better life, the hope is that people will continue to read through the archives as needed over time. For, when one can look back on a daily message which aided in the past, it can often be quite comforting to return to that information should the same or similar situation arise again in the future.

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