Significance Of Drug Testing Brisbane, QLD

By Francis Riggs

Tests on drugs mean biological specimen analysis to determine whether a specified parent component or its metabolites is present or absent. Major events where this is carried out is in employer screening, seeking to detect steroids in blood of athletes to enhance performance and detection of alcohol level for motorists. Alcohol content in the blood is measured using breathalyzers while for the rest urinalysis is the common method. The significance of drug testing Brisbane, QLD cannot be underestimated.

It is a highly debated topic because it affects professionals, athletes, job candidates and students in high schools. Lately there have been legal measures to mandatory for the students in high schools to undergo these tests. Those who want to participate in other school activities must be tested. This brings the issue of the right to privacy because it is significantly interfered with here. It becomes not the only remedy because they need to establish why the students use drugs.

The tests can go a long way in helping teens. This is comprised in three major areas which include prevention of experimentation with the drugs by the teens. Secondly identification of those already using them and also others who may be struggling with addictions. Last but not least those in recovery programs can be helped to continue staying straight by provision of extra incentives.

The policy and those employed to do the process are not intending to invade the privacy of young adults. Their interest is to make the younger generation drug free. The incidence of violence reduces eventually because they will concentrate to finish school. They will have good living standards eventually.

The issue of privacy can be forgone considering that the process outcome is great. The youth are going to be safe without drugs. It is clear that effects of drugs are far reaching as far as the children and their families are concerned.

It should however not be just assumed that carrying out the tests is the ultimate solution. It is just one among the many methods applied by adults in intervening for behaviors which have adverse effects on the emotional, spiritual development and physical domain of the children.

For this vicious cycle to be cut off, identification of drugs should go hand in hand with intervention strategies and treatment too. If the treatment programs are conducted early then it will be outright be easier and a greater success to instill a positive behavior on the teens or other drug users. Recovery from long term usage is higher too and delays in development of the teens less significant.

All organizations benefit a lot from policies that specify the checkups. It ensures that all employees and students are healthy and safe to work with. The organization are also encouraged to make a similar policy to ensure that the work places and schools are free from the problem. They will eventually manage alcohol and other abuse problems with this. They should ask the employees to follow the rules and also work to manage addictions if they exist. The roles of managers and other supervisors in this process should be clearly stated to avoid any form of misunderstanding.

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