Why Air Filter Testing Lab Is Reliable

By Della Monroe

One of the things we need inside our home is our air condition system. It gives us great ventilation inside our home so we will feel comfortable no matter if we are only relaxing or we are busy folding up the laundry. A very good ventilation system dont just give you a very comfortable space to stay but it also help us keep our furniture to look great at all times and last long.

But one problem about these conditioning systems is the air filter part. Several house owners experience having malfunctions on their filter, and maybe it is because of their lack of maintenance. This is because almost all air filter testing lab in the industry are really thoroughly testing all the filters their company developed and made.

But there are people that have doubts with the testing companies, most especially with the effectiveness of services. But one is for sure, these companies are legally running their business even with the permission of state. Their staffs are also not common people who just got an interest with filter efficiency but these people are entirely committed to give clean gas solutions to all their clients in the market.

Producing quality products can only be achieved if the companies are using the finest machineries to help them make efficient filters. The equipment are exclusively made by the professionals inside their laboratory. It can test the gas analysis, particle counters, airflow meter, and so much more. Their professionals even test all of the products although their machines are very efficient. Thus, you really got an efficient, durable, and long lasting product at home.

Each kind of filters has its own function. They are categorized to the level of efficiency they could perform. There is the premium, best, better, and good. All of these got individual color identity which are often stick to the filters or the entire system.

Good is the lowest degree of efficiency. Filters with a Good sign means it only filters large particles inside a household, like the dust, lint, dust mites, pollen, and pet dander. Better is higher than good and it can handle the same particles with good. In addition, it can handle bacteria and mold spores.

Best is next to Better which could accumulate the same particles with better but has larger particle coverage. It also filters smoke, smog, microscopic allergens, particles which carries viruses. Premium is next to Best. It has the capability to handle what Best could handle but it also filters any types of particles which carries odor.

It is also an assurance that all of the staffs in testing labs are all professionals. The companies do not just hire people who did not study filtration programs. Companies dont hire staffs which have not passed the education, trainings and examinations of National Air Filtration Association or NAFA.

This association is the only source of standard, expertise, and education of air filtration in the States. They distinguish experts with their excellent job performances. Because there is now many people who are interested to work in filtration industry, NAFA offered several courses, professionals, and education to provide certification to the ones who passed and now became a professional. They even offered technician level programs which could potentially add into the professionalism and credibility of such experts in this industry.

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