The Black Binder

By Evan Sanders

This lesson isn't as sinister as it sounds...

But it is critical to your success.

Do you believe in the idea that repetition is the mother of all skill? Do you believe that if you practice something over and over again it really becomes second nature and pretty darn easy?

As an athlete I heard this over and over again. You practice and practice to make everything second nature. Of course you're not going to be good at everything you do right off the bat, but in time you can turn something you are bad at into something you are great at.

But that's part of the path you have to travel.

But in time you will get better at things if you really take the time to manifest them into your life. What was once incredibly difficult will start to become muscle memory or familiar to you over time. It's important you don't stop there though...

So what is The Black Binder?

Well first, it doesn't have to be black, but it's a binder you are going to create for yourself that you will run through every single morning.

This is something that you should have a ton of fun with.

Put everything you need to in there in order to inspire you to continue to work hard.

The main point of all of this is here - make something for yourself that you can be proud of and that gives your life direction.

When you continue to repeat this process every single day, those dreams seem to become more real and a very big part of you. They are always in your mind and there's a strange way how you just start doing what needs to be done in order to achieve those dreams.

You are building in not only skills...but belief system.

Belief in yourself, belief that your dreams are possible, and belief that you have what it takes to get it done.

Take some time to create that binder of yours because it could change your life.

Dive right in.

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