Your Inner Morgan Freeman And The Internal Critic

By Evan Sanders

Take a second to imagine that you're sitting in a pretty loud bar having a pretty crappy day. Alright are you there? Good.

On your left there's a very drunk baseball fan who is cursing at the TV, spilling his drink all over the bar, getting into fights and quickly causing your blood pressure to rise. He's awful to be around and he has unfortunately taken a liking to you. Uh oh.

Oh good lord now he's telling you about his personal life. Get this guy away from me! Unfortunately, you can't get rid of him.

So because you can't escape, you just sit there and take it. Minute after minute he is telling you everything that is wrong in his life and how much it sucks.

The worst part about all of this is that you can't even get a second to yourself to think. You came to that bar to watch the game and relax, not to hear someone ranting about their life.

Too bad. For the foreseeable future, you're stuck with him. Oh common, stop're letting him get to you.

So the interesting thing about this whole entire scenario, is that while you were in it, you didn't realize that Morgan Freeman was trying to get your attention all along. He was softly speaking to you in your other ear but you couldn't hear him because of this drunk fan grabbing all of your attention in your left year.

How in the world did you miss Morgan Freeman? Because that loud fan...that's your internal critic.

It's a jerk. In fact, most of our internal critics (that negative voice in our mind) are incredibly vicious and know exactly what to say to destroy us. Then, there's the voice of your inner wisdom.

The voice of your inherent wisdom is soft spoken, low, deep and very powerful. If you focus all of your attention on the internal critic, you will never hear the wisdom of your wisdom.

Your inner Morgan Freeman is the guiding voice of your life.

But if you constantly focus on that drunk fan, you're never going to be able to hear Morgan speak to you. You'll only hear the negativity, doubt, jealousy, hate...

And not the love, passion, drive, and enthusiasm. So, today, take some time when things are sounding pretty negative in your head, and see if you can hear your inner Morgan Freeman speaking.

You will certainly not regret it.

Listen to that voice inside.

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